“I just love doing this,” said Daris Gossett who heads up the crochet class that meets every Monday at the City of Dickson Senior Center.

Gossett and class member Debbie Toundas made the trek to the Tennessee Oncology center in Dickson to deliver handmade caps for cancer patients on Dec. 31.

Gossett said this is her sixth or seventh time donating the hand-stitched caps for cancer patients.

Patients Service Representative Brenda Lill said she was happy to receive the two bags that contained 85 caps that were handmade by the 10 members of the crochet class.

“Most use knitting loops in making the hats, but some do crochet,” Gossett said.

Lill explained that there are several reasons a patient might require or want a cap.

“The patients that come in and have chemotherapy … some of them lose their hair and some of them have thinning hair even if they’re not chemo therapy patients,” Lill said. “They may be patients that have anemia or something like that. Any that come here who have thinning hair or have lost their hair, we give these to them. We let them pick them out, and that way they’ve got hats.  Obviously, it might get cold in the winter time. They just love them.”   

She also said that Tennessee Oncology receives wigs from people and businesses who want to donate.

Toundas noted the joy and comfort that comes from making the hats, knowing that they play a critical part in helping patients through the recovery process.  

“I first learned to do this during a three-hour layover at an airport, while going on a cruise,” she said. “Making the caps is something I can do while watching TV.”

Daris added that the technique for knitting loops or crocheting is easy to learn.

“The ladies come in,” she said. “They know where the yarn is, and they just start.”

Both Gossett and Toundas invite members of the senior center to give the class a try. They also said that the center has an abundance of yarn for many people to use.

“In a couple of months, we’ll be bringing some more,” said Gossett, an enthusiastic, appreciative group leader and mentor. “As long as we have people here that want to do it, I’m here to assist.”

To donate hats and other items to the Tennessee Oncology center call Janet Matheny at (615) 740-7025.

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