Developmental Services of Dickson County, an affiliated chapter of The Arc, and Borderless Arts Tennessee hosted an ART! session at Dickson Middle School.  Participants ranged in age from middle school students to adults. The group worked together to create Mascot Boards for Creek Wood and Dickson County high schools. 

The 4x4 boards were prepared in advance by Dee Kimbrell, a teaching artist for Borderless Arts TN. She painted the CWHS Red Hawk and the DCHS Cougar on the boards. The group used a variety of colored plastic caps and lids to “paint” the mascots in 3D. 

The completed Mascot Boards were presented to the schools at the 2019 Special Olympics Track and Field event.  

“Getting to watch the shared ideas, collaborative planning and cooperative work was amazing. The entire day was a wonderful experience with an awesome piece of art to remember it by,” Creek Wood Special Education teacher Gayle Burton said.

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