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Updates with flags costing $10 each.

TriStar Bank in Dickson is partnering with the Sons of the American Revolution to promote patriotism on Sept. 11 by encouraging businesses and individuals to display U.S. flags.

“On the Fourth of July celebration in Charlotte, I learned that there are 45 or 46 American Revolution soldiers that resided in Dickson County after the Revolutionary War,” said Robby Harmon, who works at TriStar Bank on East College Avenue.

Patriot Day occurs on Sept. 11 each year in memory of the lives lost in the terrorist attacks in 2001. 

“We want to honor the memory of those lost and also honor the service of our local first responders, policemen, and firemen,” he said.

Harmon said that 3x5 American flags are available at the bank and cost $10 each.

“They can be picked up at TriStar Bank on College Avenue,” said Harmon, who has lived in Dickson for 27 years after moving from his hometown of Florence, Ala.

Both he and TriStar coworker Ted Williams said they have noticed a shift in patriotism that they hope to address in a positive way.

“Kids don’t quite have the patriotic drive, especially when it comes to understanding how September 11, 2001 changed all of our lives,” he said. “Just think it will soon have been 20 years. I’m on the city council and I hope that next year we can get the city involved with putting up flags downtown for Patriots Day.”

Harmon has been working at TriStar Bank for six years.

His wife, Shawn, works at the Walnut Street Church of Christ.

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