Grayson Williams

Ten-year-old bowler Grayson Williams recently bowled a 277.

DICKSON – When you think of sports prodigies, a few names may come to mind -- Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, maybe even the sister duo of Venus and Serena Williams. But someone you may not have heard of is Dickson’s own Grayson Williams.

Grayson has been bowling since the ripe old age of six. He’s only 10 years old now but he’s accomplished many feats in the bowling world.

Just a few weeks ago, Grayson bowled a new career high of 277 along with a three-game series of 633, which equates to an average of 211 pins per game.

“I’m really proud of a few of my different accomplishments,” Grayson said. “I’ve bowled three no-tap 300s and I’ve had a few other games that I was really happy with.” In a no-tap game, a nine-count on the first ball counts as a strike.               

Grayson got his start when his father, Danny Williams, first took him to Bowl-O-Rena.

“My dad brought me up here (to Bowl-O-Rena) when I was six and I just started from there,” Grayson said. “And there is this pro bowler named Jason Belmonte, he inspired me to bowl two-handed and that’s how I started bowling two-handed.”

The two-handed method allows some bowlers to put more velocity and spin on the ball, which makes the ball hook more.

“Two-handed bowling gives me more hook and more speed and I know that for a fact,” Grayson said. “That’s really important for me, because with the regular one-handed style I couldn’t score as well.”

Grayson said he has big plans for the future.

“I want to be in the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association),” he said. “I want to be able to make some money, give some of that to charities, and that’s really the ultimate goal. I just have to continue to keep on practicing and working hard.”

As he continues to gain more recognition and notoriety, Grayson said he will make sure to keep what’s important close to him.

“I just keep my head in the game,” he said. “I just want to thank my dad, mom, sister, and my grandparents for just being there for me and telling me to keep up the good work. I love them.”

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