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Dickson County officials plan to put a freeze on rezoning land to a category known as R-2 out of concern that basic services may be inadequate to support new housing developments.

The County Commission voted without dissent at its Dec. 2 work session to put the rezoning moratorium on its Dec. 16 meeting agenda. County Mayor Bob Rial said the ban could last through May 31, 2020, though that date might change.

Rial described “cluster-type homes” and a “more urban-type neighborhood” as the type of developments causing concern. The commission had no questions regarding the proposed ban.

Planning & Zoning Director David Darnell said after the meeting that R-2 allows single-family detached homes on quarter-acre lots.

Darnell said the planned moratorium probably wouldn’t cause much of a slowdown on homebuilding. He said there are currently no applications for R-2 rezoning, and nothing in the pipeline such as site plan approvals or homebuilding in progress on R-2 land.

He described the planned freeze as a means to forestall over-development. He cited police and fire protection as well as trash pickup as services that could be overburdened by allowing R-2 developments.

Darnell said the county has three residential-zoning categories, running from lower to higher density in the order of R-1, R-2 and R-3. Asked why R-2 in particular was being targeted, Darnell indicated R-3 might be due for scrutiny in the future.

Most of the land in the county is currently zoned agriculture, Darnell said.

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