Pumphrey & Beard Coffee Company has enjoyed the perk of being a gathering place for downtown Dickson shoppers and diners.

“I’ve been in the business for two and a half years,” said owner Amanda Pumphrey. “It started off as a food truck in Nashville, but we had some mechanical issues. My mentor who owns Little Harpeth Brewing (Michael Kwas) between The Gulch and East Nashville encouraged me to pull all of the equity out of the truck and to move into the brewery. So, I set up the café there roughly a year and a few months. Then, the tornado hit. So, I’ve been set up in Dickson at High Cotton going on eight months now.”

Pumphrey and her staff of five sell coffee and other items at the East College Street business, but she said she plans to move to the Morgan Farms building in Dickson this summer.

“There is 3,500 square feet and a full kitchen build-out there and we’ll have a full brunch menu,” she said. “There just isn’t a place for brunch in Dickson right now.”

She said the post-move menu likely will include biscuits and gravy, hash brown bowls and waffles.

“My passion is coffee, but it took a long time to choose what I really love which is serving and celebrating community,” Pumphrey said.

She said she plans to add about 15-20 vintage pinball machines at the new location.

“We want to get youth more involved and then older people in the evening to hang out. You can grab a beer or coffee and play pinball. It will be a nice addition to community, family-friendly, but also something for adults to enjoy later in the evening,” Pumphrey said.

“Our move to Morgan Farms is going to be our flagship and our forever home.”

She also said that the new location has a loft space that she plans to rent as a music venue and for events like weddings.

“We’re really excited about the concept and will continue to roast coffee there as well,” she said. “I’m looking to expand into retail this year, with whole bean coffee as well as canned and bottled coffee offered in local grocery stores and bigger ones as well.”

Farmers Markets in Burns, Kingston Springs, East Nashville and Richland also have the coffee available.

The current location offers Kombucha (Walker Brothers out of Nation) and May Pop (Sparking Water) along with the coffee products.

She also has a signature drink called Cayenne Cutie.

“It’s a play on a Cuban coffee, and it comes in four-ounce and eight-ounce sizes,” she said. “We also have loose-leaf tea as well as rishi tea. It’s also very important to be able to trace the coffee where it comes from, concerning issues of fair trade and whole trade and to know that no child labor is going on with the products we use. Coffee is one of the top-10 traded commodities in the world.”

Pumphrey grew up in Fredericksburg, Va. She lives in Hickman County with her husband, Darren, and their three sons, ages 13, 6 and 4. She said she loves the interaction with other business owners in the area.

“What’s good for my neighbor is also good for me,” she said. “Down the road, I plan to offer coffee education, pro-tastings, competitions maybe with other coffee houses. It might be fun to have a brew-off!”

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