truck (1)

A train collided with this truck after the truck got stuck on the railroad tracks.

A train destroyed a truck in downtown Dickson early last Tuesday morning after a teen driver got the vehicle stuck on the tracks during an off-road trip.

The driver and his passenger, both 19, attempted to cross the railroad tracks near Hotel Halbrook when the truck got stuck, Dickson Police Chief Jeff Lewis said.

The teens got out of the car and contacted a wrecker service to tow the truck, Lewis said. The wrecker service employee called police but before the truck could be removed, a train moving at about 55 mph struck the vehicle.

The train was undamaged and no one was injured, Lewis said. The truck was totaled.

The driver was given a citation for trespassing and due care, he said. There’s a possibility he will also be charged with federal trespassing.

Why did the teens attempt to cross the track? Lewis has a theory.

“Just being kids,” he said.

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