Otts BQQ has had its first contender for the Crucible BBQ Challenge.

Randy Santel, who promotes himself as a competitive eater on his YouTube Channel, arrived at the Burns restaurant last week to try the Crucible Challenge, an attempt to eat about six pounds of meat and sides.

Santel said that he has completed 1,002 previous eating challenges. Otts BBQ co-owner Wes Otts, a former Marine, said he is a longtime fan of Santel’s food challenges. The title of the challenge “Crucible” was chosen to honor the 54-hour training Marine recruits undergo during boot camp.

Santel said he wasn’t sure he’d do very well in the Marines Crucible, but the Otts Crucible seemed much more doable.

“I didn’t believe it when I first got the email from his team” Otts said. “I thought it was one of those Arabian prince scams.”

Santel and Otts, who co-owns the restaurant with his wife, Victoria, arrived at the restaurant about two hours before the event was scheduled to begin. Santel thanked each of the approximately 50 spectators for coming out to watch the taping for Santel’s YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers. After a couple of takes he got into the huge platter of BBQ that Wes had prepared.

The challenge is new to Otts, which opened in 2020. Any customer who can eat the entire meal of meat, sandwiches and sides receives the meal for free, a T-shirt, and a photo on Otts Wall of Fame.

Santel completed the challenge with 1 minute and 29 seconds remaining in the one-hour time limit. He celebrated with some of Otts banana pudding. He warned anyone who is thinking of attempting the challenge to “Bring your 90 dollars.”

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