Dickson comm

The Dickson County Commission met on July 29 and approved the county budget.

Dickson County has a new annual budget that includes a property tax hike after approving the financial plan in a Monday, July 29 meeting.

The $26.2 million budget includes a property tax hike of 21 cents.

Seven cents will go to the county government to fund rising health insurance costs and a three-percent salary increase for county employees, County Mayor Bob Rial said. The remaining 14 cents of the tax increase will go to the county’s school district budget.

This new revenue will fund the operations of Burns Middle School, the transition of Sullivan Central Elementary School and natural increases in salaries, contracts and benefits, said Danny Weeks, the district’s director of schools.

There were two public forums during the commission meeting, which were intended to give residents a chance to address the commission, but no one came to speak.

Overall, the county’s general fund budget decreased over 50 percent in both revenue and expenditures, according to the document. This decrease is caused in large part by the $25 million justice center project that began last fiscal year.

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