For nearly five years Daris Gossett has been an instructor for knitting and crocheting at the City of Dickson Senior Center.

“Everybody is working on the loom right now,” she said. “I’ve had some that were crocheting, making toboggans or a cowl. It’s something near and dear to my heart because we donate toboggans to the cancer center. We’ve also provided for homeless veterans through Faye Baldwin. We did have over a hundred hats and scarves. Faye has done a tremendous job at getting them out to the homeless and veterans.”

Gossett said that her more proficient students make scarves and shawls.

She said that the senior center class is low on hats right now because there are just three members in the class, which is scheduled to meet the second and fourth Mondays of the month.

“When they come back, we’ll pick up again,” she said. “Before we had 10 people.”

She said that the class has made baby booties for CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center in Dickson.

“It requires a 12-peg circle loom,” she said. “Yarn is donated here. The senior center provides yarn and most of the round circles. I’ve brought in some of my own for more people.”

She said she teaches people how to either knit or crochet an afghan. Hats usually take 90 minutes to make and the baby booties usually take an hour to make.

Gossett also teaches a beading class.

“The center provides most of the beads,” she said. “I bring in some of mine. We make necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We keep a cabinet full of beads on site. Some people bring in jewelry that we will take apart for further use. We never throw away jewelry. We make it into something else or give it to someone or the center.”

Gossett previously taught a painting class at the center.

“But what I enjoy the most is the crochet and knitting. Beading can be chore,” she said.

Gossett admits to being clearly driven by creativity and challenge.

“If Joan (Rial, the center director) asked me to learn something new, I think I would,” she said.

She and her husband, Jimmy, have two children and four grandchildren. She also has 10 cats for which she made a “catio” for them to nap and play.

Gossett also participates with Samaritan’s Purse, the mission’s group at her church, Charlotte First Baptist.

“We went from 33 Christmas boxes for children last year to 124 boxes for children this year,” she said. “The youth are beginning to participate. We have items in the Charlotte Festival that takes place in September. We’ll make bookmarks, marble magnets, friendship bracelets, and we have a children’s booth at the church with games and face painting.”

She said she loves to teach somebody something they’ve never experienced.

“What teaching has taught me is that everybody is uniquely different,” she said. “Each person learns at a different pace. I’ve also learned to not be afraid to ask questions. Somebody will benefit from the questions you ask. Never stop learning. You can learn something new every day.”

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