Amanda (Allen) Vandivort and Dawn (Smith) Stuard, who graduated from Dickson County High School together in 1982, organized some other members of the high school graduating class to create some holiday cheer last week.

With some Venmo charitable challenges as inspiration, the best friends from elementary school made a social media post to their high school classmates. Stuard said the original goal was to collect $200 to donate. When that amount was quickly reached, they increased the goal to $500.

“The outpour of love was simply amazing,” Stuard said. “We have a very close class and when something is needed there are so many of us that will jump in with no questions asked.” 

Stuard said they did not want to give the entire amount to one person, but rather help many people. Another classmate, Kay (Street) Gonzales, identified some local families who were in need for the holidays. After Stuard shared information about those families on the class’ Facebook page, 44 members contributed a total of $3,000.

Some of the Dickson High classmates met members of those families at the Plantation Restaurant. Vandivort and Stuard distributed money to the families, who each also received a bag of clothes donated by the Kloset Junkie boutique in Dickson.

The group saw a family with three children eating dinner and paid for its meal, as well as giving donations to three waitresses at two other restaurants.

“We were able to bless so many families here at Christmas and after a year like we have had, it just all felt right,” Stuard said. “We all set out to help and bless a few that needed it, but in all reality, this blessed all of us so much more.”

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