Kris Blount

Kris Blount 

Kris Blount, a resident of Dickson County for 30 years, has written a book about coping with the emotional effects of COVID-19.

With three decades of experience in mental health and addictions rehabilitation, Blount saw the personal impact of the pandemic.  Although the she noticed much information available from a statistical standpoint of the virus’ effect, she recalled few resources about how to deal with the angst, fear, and loss stemming from the coronavirus.

“Coaching Through Corona” began as a series of articles she wrote for LinkedIn. 

“I went under a new business development rep who looked at my LinkedIn profile. I had like 350 connections, and he said, ‘You really need to up that,’ so I decided to write some articles,” she said. “For me, there needs to be value and purpose if I’m going to do anything, so I was thinking about, ‘How can I up my presence on LinkedIn but do something valuable?’  And with corona, I just came up with the idea of ‘Coaching Through Corona’, some different coping approaches.”

Even with the arrival of the vaccines and the easing of restrictions in many areas, countless people are still suffering the aftershocks of the pandemic in the form of lost jobs, lost income, development of new or increase of existing mental health problems, and grief.  Blount explains how to navigate those challenges and consequences of the disease in her book.

“There’s a lot of people who may have to change careers, especially those that are older. That’s a difficult thing to do, for their identity of who they are, as well as just finding another career. So, there’s so many degrees of loss. There’s the loss of life, the loss of security, the loss of jobs, but I’m also a strong believer in hope. There’s hope out there, too,” Blount said.

The book is available on Amazon and in Dickson at At Home on Main.

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