Dickson County Schools

The Dickson County School Board voted unanimously to approve the Edgenuity online curriculum for the Dickson County Learning Academy at its regular monthly meeting last Thursday.

Dickson County students in grades 4-12 have the option to attend the virtual school starting in August.

Dickson County Schools Director of Secondary Education Robbie Faulkner said that many students who had to engage in distance learning during the pandemic expressed a desire to continue the distance learning format.

No current Dickson County Schools teachers will teach the classes; the online teachers are licensed by the state. However, tutoring and extracurricular activities at Dickson County Schools will be available to distance learning students.

The school board anticipates enrollment of fewer than 300 students. Director of Schools Dr. Danny Weeks said the deadline to register for the distance learning academy was last April. Students who want to join the academy will have to do so in the spring of the preceding academic year, Weeks said.

The board received a report about revenues and expenditures for the 2020-2021 school year. Weeks reported that the school system revenues came to $67,629,639, which was 99.22% of projections, and total expenditures came to $59,006,227, which was only 79.95% of their projections.

Weeks said that the majority of the district’s summer sessions expenses will be reimbursed by the state.

The board unanimously voted to approve a bid to build two new tennis courts and refurbish the two existing ones at Dickson County High School. The original budget for the work was around $150,000. However, adding two more courts raises the cost of the project to $338,375. That estimate was provided by the Ohio firm SCG.

Weeks clarified that the $188,375 over the original budgeted amount would be reimbursed through a grant from the state.

Before the vote, Patricia Hudson, who represents District 4, asked if it were appropriate for her to vote because the tennis courts are named after her late husband, who had been a coach and teacher at Dickson County High School. District 1 representative Kirk Vandivort said there would be no impropriety with her voting.

The board approved a bid for $758,149 from bus builder Central States Bus Sales of Lebanon for seven buses. The buses likely will be ready around December. Weeks said the new buses will be replacing seven buses in the school system’s fleet that have reached their service mileage limits.