An investigation into a fatal shooting at the home of former Dickson County High School Principal Ed Littleton continued Monday, according to a Dickson spokesperson.

Det. Kirk Davidson of the Dickson Police Department said no charges have been filed in the Tuesday, Sept. 7 incident.

Davidson said the resident who shot a man in the driveway of his North Charlotte Street home is Littleton, 59, who was principal of the high school from 2005-2013. Davidson said the investigation identified the other man as 23-year-old Edilzar Geronimo-Ramirez, who died that afternoon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Davidson said the investigation has not yet determined what prompted a confrontation between the two men shortly after 8 a.m. at Littleton’s residence. Investigators were unable to speak to Geronimo-Ramirez before he died from his injury, according to a news release.

Littleton told police he had just returned to his home after taking two grandchildren to a local donut shop. As he parked in his carport, Littleton said a car pulled into his driveway and the driver got out and began shouting at him in Spanish while looking at the ground. Davidson said after ordering the man to leave his property several times, Littleton retrieved a handgun and cell phone from his vehicle and continued to order the man identified as Geronimo-Ramirez to leave.

He said the man got back in his car only to get out and advance toward Littleton, who fired a shot into the ground.

Littleton said the man chased him around his vehicle with his grandchildren still in it and grabbed him, but Littleton was able to free himself and fired a shot, striking the man in his lower abdomen and he fell to the ground.

While Littleton was on the phone with 911, he said Geronimo-Ramirez got up and ran into the woods behind the residence. Davidson said first responders found the wounded man in a pasture a few hundred yards behind the home.

He was taken to TriStar Horizon Medical Center and stabilized, then transferred to Vanderbilt where Davidson said he died shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Davidson said last Wednesday afternoon that there has been no connection discovered between Geronimo-Ramirez and Littleton, who told police he did not know the man and has had no previous interaction with him.

The investigation has determined that Geronimo-Ramirez reported to his job at a local lumber company Tuesday morning but abruptly left before 8 a.m. without speaking to anyone. Davidson said Littleton and Geronimo-Ramirez’s vehicles are seen on security video from a business on Henslee Drive and there does not at that point appear to be any problem between them.

Lewis Lumber and Milling’s Chief Operating Officer Tom Edwards confirmed that Geronimo-Ramirez was an employee at the company’s Dickson location at the time of his death but said he could not answer any further questions without first consulting with the company attorney.