Fuel facility

A fuel facility is planned for this are of Dickson.

Fred Stevenhagen, a Franklin real estate agent and land developer, told the Dickson Post that the sale of land for a proposed fuel terminal in Dickson is set to close June 6.

Stevenhagen represents the seller, CB Builders Inc. of Franklin, in the deal with Buckeye/Titan.

CB Builders Inc. owns a 553-acre parcel next to the I-40/I-840 interchange, according to the county recorder’s office and assessor’s office. Most of the parcel is southwest of the interchange, including the tract of the proposed fuel depot. The complex would be framed by the Interstates on the north and east.

The site of the proposed terminal is zoned for heavy industrial use. Plans call for extensive road-building through residential properties including farmland for up to 100 tanker trucks per day to get to and from Highway 46. No new connections to the Interstates are proposed.

Titan/Buckeye published a public notice about the facility this week. Gianna Aiezza of Albany, N.Y., engineering firm Envirospec. Aiezza on March 27 filed a 64-page application for a TDEC permit on behalf of Houston-based Buckeye Partners LP, which is operating in Tennessee as Titan Partners LLC.

The proposed terminal, which would include six cylindrical storage tanks 60 feet tall, would make use of an existing underground petroleum pipeline. The tanker trucks would fill up for deliveries to gas stations.

The site of the proposed terminal and many area residences are on unincorporated county land in a Burns zip code. Some land along 2 Mile Road, which would be realigned and widened under the plan, is in the City of Dickson.

Documents at the county offices don’t identify the owners of CB Builders or provide contact information. Stevenhagen said he is a director and an officer with CB Builders — not an owner — and he declined to identify the owners.

“I’m pledged not to do that, at this point,” said Stevenhagen.

County records show that Clayton Wilson of Burns, now deceased, owned the land of the proposed fuel terminal site in the 1990s when it was rezoned for heavy industrial use.

Clay Wilson Jr. said his family has no ownership in CB Builders and has nothing to do with the fuel terminal.

“None of our family is part of this,” he said. “We are not the owners of CB Builders.”

County records show Trianon bought several pieces of land in the area over the course of several years in the early 2000s and sold them to CB Builders in 2014. Land already owned by CB Builders, and the land it acquired from Trianon, form the current 553-acre parcel containing the 146-acre tract for the proposed terminal.

Opponents of the proposed terminal have a Facebook public group called Burns Fuel Depot. Their concerns include traffic congestion, noise, environmental hazards, a loss in property values and government seizure of their land for the road-building under eminent domain, in which authorities compensate landowners for the taking of land for a public use.

The Dickson County Planning Commission approved a site plan for the terminal on a 7-3 vote April 23, followed by preliminary plat approval on a 7-2 vote May 14.

Planning Commissioner R.J. Comer, who voted against the preliminary plat approval along with David Brogdon, insisted that the vote to approve include the condition that Buckeye/Titan must revise a traffic study.

Comer said that the first traffic study counted vehicles on a weekday when schools were closed, producing an artificially low count.

Darrell James of James and Associates, the civil engineer for the proposal, told the commission he didn’t object to redoing the study. James and Associates has Dickson and Nashville offices.

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