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A Nashville couple has been indicted for allegedly allowing underage drinking at an August party in Charlotte where 19-year-old Will Caver drowned.

The Dickson County Grand Jury indicted Forrest Conner, 49, and Stephanie Conner, 51, of Nashville. Their ties to the Charlotte property weren’t entirely clear, as Stephanie Conner’s lawyer denied she has an ownership interest in the 1500 Timber Ridge Road land.

News reports said Caver was attending a Montgomery Bell Academy graduation party on the property. His body was recovered from a pond there.

The Conners were both indicted on one count of allegedly allowing underage adults to drink alcohol on the Charlotte property. In addition, Forrest Conner also was indicted on one count of allegedly furnishing alcohol to someone under 21. Both charges are misdemeanors.

Lawyers for both defendants disputed the charges in emails to the Dickson Post.

“In response to the statement that Mr. Conner provided alcohol that evening, an important fact is that Mr. Conner did not provide alcohol that evening to the group, nor did he provide alcohol of any type to anyone under the age of 21 who attended, outside of his immediate family,” said Stephen Young, a Nashville attorney for Forrest Conner.

Young’s email included a statement from his client, which reads in part: “The loss of Will Caver is a devastating tragedy, and we mourn him above all else. Since the accident occurred, we have cooperated fully with the investigation.”

Dickson attorney Timothy Potter, who’s defending Stephanie Conner, said: “Our client is heartbroken over the death of Will Caver. It was a terrible tragedy, and she prays daily for his family.

“It is important to note that there were no children at the event. Those present were adults.  There obviously were, however, many young people present under the age of 21. Ms. Stephanie Conner did not provide alcohol to anyone. She is also not an owner of the property, nor does she have an ownership interest in the property.”

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