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Rex Buttrey of Dickson was convicted on a misdemeanor charge and had two other charges dropped in a 2016 altercation at Las Plazas restaurant which resulted in two Dickson police officers filing a federal lawsuit against the city.

Buttrey was convicted of misdemeanor attempted assault for the incident. The other two charges, aggravated assault and false reports to an officer, were both dismissed, according to court records.

Buttrey’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Aug. 2.

On Oct. 13, 2016, Dickson police officers responded to the restaurant after receiving reports that a fight had broken out between Buttrey and another patron, R.W. Curtis.

An initial report made by the officers, Justin Walton and Robert Peeler, stated that Curtis was the aggressor, according to court records. Assistant police chief Seth Lyles later investigated the incident further and found that what happened was “nothing like the Walton/Peeler report,” according to court documents.

Former police Chief Ricky Chandler then requested that the district attorney investigate Walton and Peeler for falsification of a police report. The officers were indicted and eventually lost their jobs because of the incident, according to court documents. The criminal charges against Peeler were dropped and those against Walton were scheduled to be dropped last year.

A federal lawsuit filed in October 2018 in the Middle District of Tennessee by Peeler and Walton claims that those criminal investigations were based on false and misleading facts and caused them emotional suffering and humiliation.

The lawsuit also claims Dickson police officers stalked and harassed Walton, Peeler and their families over a year-long period following the incident.

Peeler and Walton’s case seeks a total of $6 million for punitive and compensatory damages, according to the lawsuit.

The City of Dickson, Lyles and Lt. Todd Christian, who is also named as a defendant, filed a motion to dismiss the case in February 2019. Even if the allegations against the defendants are true, they haven’t been proven as having a legal claim for those actions, said Mark McGrady, who represents Christian and Lyles.

The case is pending as a federal judge considers the dismissal motion.


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