Walking into Moss and Embers becomes more than a stroll through a gift shop. There is an immediate appeal to the senses to seek out something to celebrate, be thankful for or give away to make a friend or family member’s day a bit brighter. 

The store’s owners, Dan and Karen Adkins, have ventured out from Franklin to Burns for the promise and refreshment that has come to light as they began to transform the former daycare and general store into Moss and Embers. The unique living-loving gift shop will offer items that not only appeal to the needs and dreams of local residents and visitors but will also serve to enhance the community through sales. Part of the proceeds for sales are going to help a variety of charities such as the Dickson Humane Association or the Tennessee Titan Logan Ryan’s Animal Rescue Foundation.

“We have items from 615 with sales that benefit the homeless, and we sell wildlife rescue umbrellas with sales that benefit Walden’s Puddle,” said Dan, adding that sales from the pets section will benefits a variety of local pet charities.

There is a section with a kitchen set up so that shoppers get a better sense of how items will look for decorating when they get home. There is a kids section with items and furnishings for babies and young children.

There are handmade wreaths and homemade pillows that even include hand-painted designs.

“There are items that will be made specifically for this area,” Dan said.

The name “Moss and Embers” represents the outside and the indoors with Karen and Dan determined to help their guests to make the most out of both parts of the home.

There were some challenges for the couple that included removing 160 tons of peat-gravel from behind the store, an area that will eventually serve as a greenhouse area where tables can be set up for special events, with parking for food trucks. 

Both Karen and Dan have retired from careers in healthcare.

“We are both big on organic, healthy food items,” Karen said. “We offer a gourmet foods selection. We have carts on wheels for use in the kitchen, with butcher counter tops. We hope to get local farmers together to do a farmers market in the spring.”

Activities planned for store

There are plans to find local artists for painting and decorating out back of the store.

“We have a long-term plan to offer a little breakfast place or coffee shop kinda thing,” Karen said. “We want this to be a one-stop shop, a stop to rest, a place for a sensory experience. We also want to enhance community.”

One thing that is important to the Adkins is for the store to always offer a sweet surprise.

“We will constantly change the shop up,” she said. “One of the things I have always hated when I’ve gone shopping is that I find a store I like, and I go two or three times, and it looks like the same store. We will always be bringing new products in. We will always be changing it up.

“Styles will change like from farmhouse style to French country. We’ll introduce new products. Quality will always be top notch and consistent, but we don’t want to get stagnant. Burns and Dickson are growing, with people moving in from all over. It’s like the movie ‘Field of Dreams,’ if you build it they will come.”

The couple came across the property last March.

“We started construction the first week in May,” Dan said. “We gutted, rewired, new plumbing, new roof, repainted. New doors interior and exterior.”

There will be a holiday Open House on Nov. 9 with a table scape class.

“We’ll have terrarium classes, charcuterie board appetizers classes, a floral arrangement class,” said Karen. “It’ll be a great place to grab a unique gift.”

Weekly schedules for the store will include closed either Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday, with the store open on weekends.

“We might have one night late each week,” Karen said. “Noon to 8 or 9 for people coming home from work. We’ll have greeting cards, costume type jewelry, scarves, leather bags, men’s products. We’ll have lots of different things coming. Let us know what gifts and products you wanna see. We’ll research. We want to be accommodating.”

Karen wants customers to understand that everybody really knows how to decorate.

“You do know how to decorate,” she said. “You just need confidence to gravitate toward what you like, and it all comes together. We’ll help you discover the tools to help you find your style, taste, and trust yourself with confidence.”



Where: 2100 Highway 96 in Burns

Hours: Regular store hours and days yet to be determined

What it sells: Gift shop with part of proceeds from any items sold going to Middle Tennessee charities

Contact: (615) 375-8060

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