City of Dickson Senior Center yoga instructor Philene Trevathan said she is happy to have the facility up and running for the new year.

After the pandemic shut down the center again last Dec. 4 for three weeks, seniors are excited about opportunities to get moving and feeling better.

Trevathan, 57, said she brought chair-yoga to the City of Dickson Senior Center 16 years ago, and she now teaches both regular yoga and chair yoga.

“(The pandemic) has made us get out of comfort zone, and people are helping each other more,” she said. “Family and friends have become more important and people are much more appreciative. People are getting motivated to exercise on their own. Exercising really has a positive impact on health; especially if you’ve not been getting up and out and moving.”

She encourages her class members to get moving and stretching, with no slumping.

“We need reminders to improve our posture,” she said. “You look better and feel better. The more knowledge you gain with exercising, the better your understanding of its impact on your quality of life.”

Her students wear masks and practice social distancing for her classes.

“They can leave the mask on,” she said. “But they can take it off to let out carbon dioxide.”

Trevathan said she has studied yoga and exercise for 35 years and really enjoys the opportunity to enrich the lives of senior citizens.

“They inspire me to learn more, gain knowledge on how to help,” she said. “And, I’m always learning from others. It keeps me going.”

She said she has worked and taught at every gym in Dickson from the YMCA to the Dickson Athletic Club for 22 years.

“I never get tired of it,” she said.

Trevathan also credits the center’s director, Joan Rial, as having a tremendous impact on the center’s growth.

“I have known Joan for a long time,” she said. “Joan has opened new doors here to thrive not just survive and enjoy a better quality of life. This center here is all about helping well-seasoned people thrive. What I love to do is what I get to give, and Joan is like that, too.”

Recently it was announced that the center will be moving to the Dickson Athletic Club at 100 Payne Springs Rd. in Dickson. That building closed last November.

“We hope to be there by July,” said Rial. “We’ve been here 42 years, with three additions.”


Philene Trevathan’s yoga classes are held throughout the week at the City of Dickson Senior Center, located at 208 West Walnut St. in Dickson. For information, call (615) 446-9398. 

Classes: 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., Mondays and Wednesdays; Basic Floor Yoga, 9 a.m., Fridays; Active Senior Cardio/Strength, 10 a.m. Fridays.

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