Booty Reed

Buford “Booty” Reed Jr. is presented with the new name of the commission chambers Monday, June 3. 


Note: Includes funeral arrangements.

Long-time Dickson County commissioner Buford “Booty” Reed died early Sunday, June 6, just six days after the commission chose to rename their chamber after him.

The visitations will be held at the Taylor Funeral Home on Thursday (2-8 p.m.) and Friday (11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.) The Celebration Of Life will be Friday at 2 p.m. at the Dickson First United Methodist Church. A burial will take place at the Dickson County Memorial Gardens following the ceremony.

A short masonic service, which is open to the public, will be held Thursday at 8 p.m. also at Taylor Funeral Home.

The Dickson County commission chamber is now named for Reed after the proclamation presentation Monday, June 3.

County Mayor Bob Rial read the announcement at NHC Dickson while standing next to Reed, his wife and his daughter.

Reed, 73, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, had been unable to attend recent commission meetings due to his health.

The commissioner served in the position for nearly 30 years after he was elected in 1990, Rial said.

“Booty Reed has influenced the lives of thousands of citizens in a positive and meaningful way,” Rial said during the presentation

About 45 people gathered in the assisted living home, including commissioners and community members.

“He (Reed) is one of the finest people ever,” fellow commissioner Linda Hayes said at the event.

Reed wrote a speech for the event and his daughter, Leslie Reed Brietenmoser, read his words.

“I am very sick but I feel very lucky to be here tonight and I praise the Lord for allowing me to be,” he wrote. “Thank you for this great honor. I am humbled by it and I deeply appreciate all of you for your love an support.”

Outside of his role as a county commissioner, Reed also served as the Dickson and Waverly Housing Authority director for 35 years and as the Achievement Chairman for the boy scouts, where he mentored over 400 young men through eagle projects.

Reed had a word of advice for his fellow commissioners during the annual budget season.

“Be sure and do everything you can to help the people of the county, help those that need you,” he wrote.

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