Dickson will soon have a locally based television station with family friendly and local-interest programs.

WO6AY/WDHC, to be known as TV6, is a low-powered television station scheduled to begin broadcasting over-the-air by the end of next month, according to the owners of R&F Communications.

TV6 will be available for antenna-based viewers on VHF Channel 6 as well as its digital sub-channels. The company is still negotiating to make TV6 available through local cable and satellite providers.

“We are excited to expand the broadcast services of R&F Communications to offer local television programming for viewers in Dickson and surrounding counties as well as a new advertising medium for local businesses to promote themselves,” Kenneth Forte, President/Co-Owner, said in a news release.

Forte and Dickson native Lori (Michelle) Reddon’s R&F Communications purchased WDKN 1260-AM and returned it to the airwaves in July 2009. Two years later the company added 101.5 The One FM.

“TV6 is proud to offer an exciting selection of locally produced programming,” Forte said. “From local sports, local human interest shows, real estate and so much more, TV6’s programming will be programming that affects you, the viewer, with topics and information you care about.”

R&F Communications purchased the low-powered television station and its license from a company that has been broadcasting from Lebanon, Ky. The company will relocate its broadcast antenna to Dickson and will reach an area in a broadcast radius of 30 miles.

Its potential audience is more than 500,000 viewers based on its signal coverage map.

R&F Communications will partner with The Family Channel as a broadcast affiliate.