Jamie McMurtry


A former employee at Dickson Mayor Don Weiss’ eye care center has been arrested and charged with theft of nearly $15,000 from the mayor’s private business.

Jamie McMurtry, 40, was indicted by the Dickson County Grand Jury during its June session, according to court documents.

McMurtry was arrested July 3 and given a bond of $15,000. She was released from the Dickson County jail later that day.

The alleged scheme, which took place between April 2017 and December 2018, was some form of embezzlement, assistant district attorney Carey Thompson said.

McMurtry is no longer listed as an employee of Weiss Eye Health Center, located on Mathis Drive, according to the center’s website.

McMurtry appeared in court for the Class C felony charge Monday, July 15. Her trial was set for Nov. 22.

A public record request made to the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office for the arrest report was denied.

Weiss declined to comment during a phone call with a reporter on Monday.

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