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As a former Sumner County Assistant District Attorney, I prosecuted more cases than I care to count in which victims suffered heartbreaking anguish after finding out Tennessee’s justice system is not what they thought it was.

Unless there is an unforeseen called special session, the Tennessee General Assembly will formally reconvene at noon Tuesday, Jan. 11. There will be a special focus on drawing electoral district boundaries by the statehouse. This is called redistricting. Redistricting is the way they change the districts that determine who represents us. Therefore, it is of significant importance to every resident in Tennessee.

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If you’re going to retire in the next few years, you’ll want to start thinking about making some changes to your investment portfolio. And one area you may want to look at is whatever type of cash account you might have because, when you’re retired, the amount of cash you have readily availa…

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If you’re an investor, you probably enjoy the convenience of managing your accounts online. But you’ll also want to make sure that you’re not making it convenient for hackers, “phishers” and others with bad intentions to gain the same access