West devotional


2 Corinthians 10:12 “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”

Repentance brings humility of heart to the believer. Only in the state of lowliness is a man able to judge himself properly in light of the Cross.

We are not to compare ourselves to one another and ignorantly proclaim, “At least, I’m not that bad.” Other men are not the plumb-line by which we should measure our righteousness. Comparing ourselves among ourselves is foolishness. If we use such a faulty means, we will build on a foundation that will surely fail.

Not being as good or as bad as another person is not a rational means to condemn or justify ourselves. The standard for our walk with Christ is Christ! How do we measure up to Him? How are we displaying a Godly character in our daily lives? With Christ no one can say, “At least I’m not that bad.” No, with Christ we can only say, “I am not that good and I never shall be without His all sufficient grace.”

Without His mercy we are all sure to stand condemned at the end. But alas, as we continue to seek Him, the more like Him we become. In an honest analysis, we see the receiving of His love is far greater than the deserving of His wrath.

Oh, Christian who made thee to differ? Why have you eyes to see and your neighbor perishes eternally without spiritual vision? Oh, that men would praise the Lord for His goodness toward them. It is only the small minded that murmur. The short-sighted sees only the negative in every situation.

In difficult times reach out and dip your finger into the honeycomb of God’s Holy Word and be thou enlightened.  For now, trials will come and they will go. Take heed that you lay hold of the transforming grace of God and appropriate it. By His infinite design the vilest of men can be perfumed with the fragrance of Christ. 

Can we say as did Jesus, “He who has seen me has seen the Father”? Is this a question we grapple with in today’s purpose driven Christian world? Slow down dear Saint, rest under the shadow of the Cross and trust in His unfailing love. Let His presence revive you, His Spirit cleanse you and fill you with peace. Let His righteousness be your standard.

“O Lord, I am astonished at the difference between my receiving and my deserving, between the state I am now in and my past gracelessness. Between the Heaven I am bound for and the Hell I merit. Who made me to differ, but thee? For I was no more ready to receive Christ than were others; I could not have begun to love thee hadst thou not first loved me, or been willing unless thou hadst first made me so.” (Unknown)

“I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be in another world; but still, I am not what I once used to be. By the eternal grace of God, I am what I am.” John Newton

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