Sue West

Sue West

“My only hope for our country is in bringing the human mind into contact with divine revelation.” — William Gladstone

We cannot fight evil with evil and achieve any measure of victory. We must fight all our battles God’s way.

In God’s time the truth will prevail. I do not know about you, but I do know about me and praying for my enemies has not been my greatest strength. Although I am born again by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, I by no means claim perfection of character. I do, however, claim perfection of the character and teachings of Christ.

When Christ told us to pray for our enemies and to do good to those who hate us, He was not just spouting beautiful rhetoric. He was giving explicit directions to live an overcoming life. If we love only those who love us, we are no different from the heathen. We must dig deep into our knowledge base of God’s word and into the great treasure house of His love and mercy for humanity.

If we will win in this hour of crisis, we must do God’s will, God’s way. He has deposited within each of us the strategic means to win our national battle. Praying for people whom we would rather not is God’s way. Praying for those whom we feel will never change is the avenue that God uses to change both their hearts and ours.  So instead of joining in with the rest of the world and exchanging evil for evil, let us seek guidance on their behalf. Prayer is our key to victory.

With everything that is taking place in the world, our greatest freedom comes from laying down unnecessary burdens. If God has committed unto us a position of political influence, then we will have the grace to carry that burden. If He has not, then the burden will be intolerable; our life will be miserable and we will be graceless to bare its implications.

I have read that the Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne had the picture of the setting sun painted on his watch, and underneath it was written, “The night cometh.” Every time he looked at his watch he was reminded of his responsibility as a minister of the Gospel, and the charge entrusted to him. 

We too must remember that life is but a vapor. We are only passing through this world; we are not here to pitch our eternal tents. Therefore, endeavor not to exercise yourself in matters beyond your God-given grace.

We have one answer. It is not to exchange hate-filled language on social media. It is not to dislike people of opposite political beliefs. It is not to despise or hate anyone. We have one mission from Christ. “Pray for our enemies.” (Matthew 5:44)

As McCheyne used his watch to remind himself, “The night cometh,” let us use the scriptures to remind us of the true brevity of our existence. If we would retain peace in the midst of this present storm we must tarry long and consistently in our prayer closets.

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.” (Hebrews 12:2)

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