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To the Editor:

We were slammed at the antique mall one day last week. When I came up front from helping a customer, (Yesterday’s Treasures Today co-owner) Kathy (Bryan) tells me a detective is in the store with a man claiming his stolen bike is for sale out front. She was helping another customer so she asked could I see what was going on.

We try to be very cautious and careful when purchasing anything and have detailed paperwork when anyone is selling things, including a copy of a driver’s license, but when vendors bring things in, we have no idea where the items came from. It just so happened that the consignors who owned the bike in question were there working their booth. We all went outside.

The man was so stressed out and just sure it was his bike that was locked up outside. He explained that it had been stolen a few days earlier off his porch and it was how he got around. I had seen him riding by many times so I knew this was true and the detective confirmed it as well. It was obvious the detective had dealings with the man before but was very kind to him.

Frank (Walker, the bike’s owner) assured him it wasn’t his bike, that it was his father’s and had been out there for some time. The man looked it over and realized it wasn’t his. He was embarrassed and apologized over and over, very upset about his bike and the scene he had caused.

Friends, if you think there are no more good people I beg to differ. Frank told the man he would like for him to have the bicycle. The man couldn’t believe it. The detective assured us that bike was truly the man’s only means of transportation. Frank insisted and then we unlocked it. Frank gave it to him and the man was so grateful. He was shocked and in tears.

I overheard the detective tell the man to remember this day and the kind stranger who helped him when he was tempted to hang out with people who only took advantage of him. I hope he does and really, I think he will for he was very thankful. Either way the man was moved and so happy.

When we went inside, we talked about how kind and patient that detective was and how it’s probably rare for him to see a happy ending like that. It seemed so petty I suppose but he treated it with the same dignity as he would have if the man had a Mercedes stolen.

Then Kathy turned around and extended a little gift to the Walkers for their generosity. It made me tear up and warmed my heart. Me and Jillian (Walker) got to crying. It was just such a moving experience. Though maybe to some it was a small gesture but to that man it meant the world. But I can tell you this: we all got far more joy out of it than even he did. Sometimes you just need a little good news and positivity.

We appreciate the detective so much as well for the way he handled the whole situation. I’m sorry I didn’t get his name but thanks to our amazing law enforcement team.

Tabitha Booker

Dealer, Yesterday’s Treasures Today


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