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To the Editor:

I am a regular citizen of the great state of Tennessee and I am tired of my Constitutional rights being taken. 

The government is not responsible for my health; I am. The government is supposed to protect my Constitutional rights and not infringe on them. They are meant to be my rights and not my privileges to be taken whenever the government feels the need to take them back.

I do not wear a mask because if the government really felt it protected you, then why not open all businesses with masks as protection? Why are any closed? Why should some people be let out of prison if masks work? It’s because the mask doesn’t protect the wearer or anyone else. 

I may as well cover my face with anything because a virus is small enough to get through about any material unless you are wearing something like a gas mask or a hazmat mask. Masks probably are more dangerous to regular wearers because they are not breathing in enough oxygen.

My First Amendment right to assemble is being mocked by people in power that are using it to show they have the power. The government should be doing its job of protecting my rights and leave my healthcare to me.

I am responsible for my own well-being, not the government. People should take responsibility for their own health. If I want to smoke and I get cancer, that’s on me. If I want to use my First Amendment right to assemble for church, or a funeral, or eat out, or rally, or whatever event that I choose to do, that is my right, not my privilege and the government should be protecting that right. 

If you choose to wear a mask, that’s fine because it is your choice. If you believe it protects you, then you are protected from a non-mask wearer like me. Right? So, don’t force your belief on me and I won’t force mine on you.

Barbara S. Langdon

Cumberland Furnace

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