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To the Editor:

I read Hope Wilder’s Letter to the Editor dated Jan 1, 2020, and I am in total agreement with her.

The reason we moved from a big city out west to Nashville was for a smaller town lifestyle. We quickly discovered that the Nashville lifestyle was not much better than what we had out west.  

So, we started looking for a better location free from all the traffic and noise, and more of a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for our retirement. And we looked for a long, long time. Then we discovered Burns.  We fell in love with the beautiful landscapes and the quiet serenity of the small town.  So, we moved here.

Now, just four years later, things are drastically changing. As Hope said, townhomes and small homes on even smaller lots have begun to pop up everywhere. What is the town’s plan? Is there one? We are constantly fearful that, for the right price, all the serene beauty of our countryside will be gone.  

Developers will continue their march to fill the lands with “tall and skinny” or just extremely small lots for homes that cost more and don’t get the backyards people move here for.

We love our quiet evenings outside listening to the burro down the road calling out and the cows in the fields a little further away doing the same. We can watch a beautiful sunset over the trees from our deck. We have deer roaming our backyard and the small ones actually romp and play. And the night sky is lit up with stars.

But for how long?  And, as Hope said, at what price?

Lucy Gustafson


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