Alan Ragan

Alan Ragan

“Skits and Bits” - Little Bits of News and History – Some you may remember, some you may have forgotten and some you may have never heard of before; but all of which took place somewhere, sometime, throughout the years.

September 11, 1902- The mayor and board of alderman appointed a town scavenger to collect waste from the outhouses of the citizens of the town. He was to receive 7½ cents per outhouse cleaned once each month. This was for dwelling houses. Hotels and business houses were cleaned once each week.  The town was to build a dump box for the waste to be dumped into by the scavenger. This was the first recorded method of a sewage disposal system for the town of Dickson. A town septic tank was built in 1913 after the railroad refused to build a new depot in Dickson until the town built a septic tank.

September 11, 1919- For the first time in city elections, women were allowed to vote in Nashville.  Officials to be elected were commissioners of Finance, Lights, Market House, Fire, Street Sprinkling, and Building Inspectors.

September 12, 1932- The Star Route (known far and wide as the “Mail Hack”) made its last run from Dickson to Clarksville. The Hack carried passengers, mail and other small packages for delivery along the star route with stops at Sylvia, Vanleer, Cumberland Furnace, Slayden and Cunningham. The Hack left Dickson at 8:30 in the morning and arrived in Clarksville at 11:25 in the morning. He left Clarksville at 3:00 in the afternoon and arrived in Dickson at 5:36 in the evening. K. C. Hogan was the low bidder on the right to run the Hack. His low bid was $1,128.00 per year.

September 13, 1929- Property values had dropped so low that the state of Tennessee was faced with a loss of $9,053,178.00 in property taxes for the year 1928-29. This tax loss put the state in a financial strain that would result in many services being cut.

September 13, 1973- Norman Fussell announced the appointment of Stewart Culpepper as manager of Fussell’s Department Store. Culpepper had been the manager of the Elmores Store in the Plaza Shopping Center. Fussell’s was established in Dickson in March of 1936. Normal Fussell had opened another outlet on Main Street that would be known as Fussell’s Shop, located across the alley from Fussell’s Department Store.

September 14, 1932- A Model T Ford Coupe wrecked on Highway 48, South of Dickson. Killed in the wreck was Earnest Alexander and injured was Mason Potts. The wreck occurred at 9:30 in the morning near the Mont Donegan place.

September 15, 1930- Two masked bandits entered the Peoples Bank at Charlotte at about 9:30 o-clock on a Monday night. F. H. Hickerson was doing some office work and had left the front door unlocked.  Two men entered the building and demanded Hickerson “stick em up” as they held pistols on him.  Hickerson yelled for help and the bandits ran out into the darkness, jumped in a car and sped away towards Dickson. Dickson County Sheriff Deputies Will Berry and Wash Maxey heard Hickerson yelling for help and as they rushed to his aid, they spotted the running bandits. The deputies leaped into Berry’s Buick and gave chase. The bandits had such a head start they got away. Hickerson said he believed the men had been staying in the hotel at Charlotte for a couple of days.

September 16, 1932- Dickson’s fire siren was moved from the power plant in Dickson. It was moved from its location on Chestnut Street near the water reservoir to the fire hall behind the Citizens National Bank on Railroad Street. The siren was blown for trial sounds at 4:30 in the afternoon and citizens went wild thinking the whole town was ablaze.

September 17, 1948- Roy Acuff, Grand Ole Opry star and Republican candidate for Governor of Tennessee, made a speech in Dickson at the War Memorial building. The speech was made early so the crowd could attend the opening football game at the Dickson High School. bitAcuff entertained the crowd before the speech with his Smokey Mountain Boys.

September 17- Year unknown… Mary Francis “Poochie” Hodges was born.

H. Alan Ragan is the Dickson County Historian and a full-time Realtor and Auctioneer with Ragan's Five Rivers Realty & Auction Co.  Ragan can be reached at his real estate office on Main Street or by e-mail at No part of ‘Skits and Bits’ may be reprinted without written permission. © 2019 Ragan Family Skits and Bits.

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