Jackson West signed his letter of intent to golf at the next level for Tennessee Wesleyan last Saturday afternoon. 

West’s family and friends were in attendance, as well, as West signed his letter of intent at Greystone Golf Club. Greystone’s local pro and manager Charlie Blunt allowed West to have his signing there since they couldn’t sign at the school as usual.

 “This has been a blessing to be able to come out here and have [the signing] at all,” West said. “This is a great day.”

West chose Tennessee Wesleyan because it was the first school to reach back out to him after he started looking for chances to play at the next level. Also, like many teenagers, location was a big deal. 

“They had a golf team and the major I wanted, which was hard to find,” West said. “You’d be surprised how many schools didn’t offer everything that I wanted. Also it’s far enough away from home that I feel like I’m away, but at the same time, I’m close enough that I can come back on the weekends.”

Getting to this point takes a lot from many different people. West had a few in mind when asked who he wanted to thank.

 “Everyone who’s supported me along the way and believed in me,” West said. “Definitely my mom and my dad, they’re the closest to me, and they’ve done everything they could to help me.”

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