Scroll through social media the past couple of months most of the information that pops up is pertaining to COVID-19. Dickson Middle School boys basketball coach John Bybee has been highlighting something much different though.

Bybee decided to post pictures and videos of some of the players on his team just working out or practicing their game in their backyards. 

Bybee’s posts, which can be found on Facebook and Twitter by the name of Dickson Middle Boys Basketball, provide a little break from all of the health news on everyone’s social media timeline. They show how some teenagers are passing the time under stay-at-home orders and school closures.

“We are staying in constant contact with our guys during these difficult times to mainly ensure they and their families are staying safe and doing well both physically and mentally,” Bybee said. “Of course, we would love to be in the gym preparing for the summer and improving as a team, but the most important thing at the moment is that our guys are safe.”

Bybee said he’s also helping to make sure his players are prepared for the future.

“We have been using the phrase ‘Stay Ready’ with our guys when talking to them,” Bybee said. “This means when we do have the opportunity to get back to work as a team, you as a player are ready. You have continued to work and improve on your game and the gap to get back to your normal playing shape is short. Even though we are unable to do normal team activities at the moment, our players are putting in the work in their own time which shows a huge level of commitment, dedication and accountability.”

Each player must put the team before themselves and that’s exactly what Bybee wants to see out of his athletes.

“As a coaching staff, we are super proud of them for this and it shows their level of maturity,” Bybee stated. 

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