The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency remains alert for deer with chronic wasting disease.

Throughout deer season, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency checked harvested deer for signs of chronic wasting disease, and the agency asked the public’s help to monitor the situation during the off season.

Anyone who sees a deer behaving erratically or appearing emaciated is asked to contact the TWRA through a link on the agency’s website at

A biologist will be dispatched to check out the animal.

So far, the deadly, contagious disease was confined to a few counties in West Tennessee, but biologists fear it may continue to spread. There is no known cure, and the only way to deal with CWD is to try to contain it to areas where it currently exists.

The disease is not harmful to humans, other wildlife or livestock, but it can devastate deer populations.

Turkey dumping reward: The TWRA offered a $1,000 reward for information about the illegal dumping of two dead turkeys in Hardeman County.

The turkeys were discovered in a Dumpster with only their beards taken. It is illegal to dispose of game animals in such a manner, in addition to possible violations of local littering regulations.

A few days later, more than 20 dead turkeys were found dumped in a creek in Rutherford County with their breasts cut out.

Anyone with information about either incident should contact their local or regional wildlife officials. Poaching contact numbers are listed in the Tennessee Hunting & Trapping Guide.

State parks input: Visitors to state parks and natural areas can submit suggestions and comments about their future management.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation will consider the input as it implements a management strategy called “TN 2030: Tennessee State Recreation Plan.”

Details about the plan, and how to submit ideas and suggestions, is available at

Email area outdoors news and photos to and include a contact number.