Brentwood’s Cade Granzow threw three touchdowns and ran for another two touchdowns as Brentwood took and early lead and never looked back on its way to a 47-13 win at Dickson County last Thursday night.

Dickson County took possession of the ball first, but after only getting one first down, Dickson punted. Vanderbilt commit John Howse grabbed the punt and returned it deep into Dickson County territory at the 34-yard line. 

On the first play from scrimmage Granzow threw a corner route that just missed in the end zone, but on second and 10 from the 34, Granzow ran a read-option play and kept it for a 34-yard touchdown run untouched into the end zone.

Dickson’s next possession resulted in a score, but it took a lot out of the Cougars to get into the end zone. A late hit out of bounds gave Dickson a first down early in the drive and later, Dickson County quarterback Ethan Howell scrambled to evade Brentwood’s pass rush on fourth down, but when he threw the ball, a Bruins’ defender swatted the pass. Howell grabbed the ball back out of the air and ran for a first down.

Later in the same drive, Dickson County got deep into Brentwood territory, but the Bruins’ defense made a few plays and forced Dickson into a fourth and 28. Dickson was too deep into Brentwood territory to punt but too far away to kick a field goal, so the Cougars’ offense went for it. Enoch Terlecki found a small zone in the middle of Brentwood’s defensive backs and came down with a pass from Howell near the goal line. Dickson County got the first down and took advantage as Kaden Thomas took the next run and got into the end zone.

By the end of the first quarter, Brentwood and Dickson were tied at 7-7, but Brentwood went on to dominate the second, outscoring Dickson 27-0.

Granzow got his second rushing touchdown of the evening for Brentwood as he scrambled to get away from Dickson County’s initial pressure on third and 9 and ran into the end zone. 

Dickson fumbled early in its next possession. On Brentwood’s first play after recovering the Dickson County fumble, Granzow found Aaron Walton in the end zone, and Brentwood went up 21-7.

Dickson punted on its next possession, and Brentwood took over again. After a holding call, the Bruins had second and 20, but Granzow got his second passing touchdown on the evening as he found Tennessee commit Walker Merrill on a tunnel screen, and Merrill outran the Dickson County offense all the way for a 66-yard touchdown catch and run.

Dickson turned the ball over again on its next possession as Jake Brock flew high for Brentwood and grabbed an interception and returned it deep into Dickson territory at the 25-yard line.

On the next play, Walton caught his second touchdown pass of the evening as Granzow found him over the top of Dickson’s defense.

Brentwood took a 34-7 lead to the half after that.

“After a sluggish first quarter, I think we found some rhythm,” said Brentwood coach Ron Crawford. “You have to give their kids some credit. They played hard, but we found some rhythm, and we were able to make some big plays.”

Early in the third, Brentwood running back Luke Walters got in on the scoring and scampered into the end zone to give Brentwood a 41-7 lead. Three minutes later, Walters found the end zone once again as Brentwood pulled ahead 47-7.

Cade Gwaltney grabbed an interception for Brentwood late in the third to bring yet another Dickson County drive to an end.

“We got a lot of people some touches and our dudes were dudes,” Crawford said. “Cade was great, and Walker only got one touch, and he went to the house, but the cool part was seeing some of those other kids that have hung in and got to do some big things tonight.”

Dickson County added a late touchdown as Clinton Shrader took a pass from Evan Jakobik for a short touchdown pass on the last play of the game. Jakobik came in for Howell after Howell took a hard hit on a first down run.

“We came out, and I thought the guys were ready to play,” said Dickson County coach Greg Burns. “We did some good things and moved the ball well there in the first quarter. We had a few guys step up and make some plays while we were able to execute at a consistent level.”

“I told the guys at halftime, when we run the offense, we practice every week and don’t kill ourselves, we can compete with anybody. We probably had a half-dozen guys or so who didn’t dress for one reason or another, but that’s part of building the culture. We had some guys who didn’t dress for being late, and those guys need to realize when they do something like that, they’re not just letting themselves down, they’re letting the team down.”

After the win, Brentwood moved to 5-2 on the season and will play host to Franklin on Friday. Dickson County will travel to Independence.

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