Dickson County High School took part in a small 7-on-7 tournament at Montgomery Central last week with Kenwood and Clarksville also participating.

It was the first time for Dickson County to get some work against other teams and Dickson County Coach Randy Murphree said he was optimistic after seeing the results.

“The number one thing we’re looking at is just an opportunity to see our quarterbacks in live action,” Murphree said. “We do a little bit in practice, but it’s different when you put your second team or third team out there on defense. It’s also an opportunity for us to rep some plays and making sure we’re executing how we’re supposed to execute.

“Obviously, we’ve got a lot to work on and you’re never where you want to be but we had some bright spots. Again, we’ve got a sophomore quarterback and a freshman that we worked the other day and they made some mistakes, but all of them do. It’s a good opportunity to see what we need to work on.”

In the 7-on-7 event the teams ran a 10-play drive and then switched to defense as the other team ran its 10 plays. Some of the teams moved the ball as they moved up the field while other teams kept the ball in the same spot regardless of the success of the play.

“We had a route we ran several times to just see if our receiver would find the opening and sit down in the opening,” Murphree said. “Sometimes, depending on whatever kind of defense you’re going up against, you may want your guy to sit in a zone to stretch the defense whether that gets him open or another receiver open. If you’re playing against man coverage there’s just a guy trailing your receiver and you just have to basically throw him open, so seeing how our quarterbacks responded showed us what we can work on moving forward to the next 7-on-7.”

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