On Friday, five different Dickson County athletes signed their letters of intent to play at the next level including three volleyball players who will all be heading to Martin Methodist. Anna Kate Humphreys, Alexis McCartney and Hannah Oliver all signed with Martin Methodist. Amanda Street, a cheerleader, signed with UT-Martin and Logan Scoggins signed with Bethel for golf.

“It’s been a long, long year and we’ve been waiting for this moment,” Humphreys said. “I’ve been waiting since fifth grade for this. I’m so grateful for all of my coaches for helping me and being here today and also so grateful for coach Jackson (Lenoir) because schools don’t usually take three people from one area, much less one school. I’m just so thankful that I get to go with them; they’re my friends, they’re my sisters.”

“It’s been my dream since sixth grade and it’s hard to believe that we’ve finally made it here and made it together,” McCartney said. “It seems like a dream. We’re all so close and for us to be able to go together and not get split up and us be sisters for four more years is amazing to me.”

“I’m absolutely excited, it’s been a dream of mine to play sports in college and since I’ve been playing I knew that I didn’t want to be done after high school,” Oliver said. “They’re like my family at this point (Humphreys and McCartney) and I love those girls to death. I would do anything for them and I enjoy watching them succeed. We really are a well-oiled machine together.”

Amanda Street was noted as being the first cheerleader to sign that athletic director Jay Powlas could remember. Street signed to join UT-Martin.

“It’s really exciting,” Street said. “As a senior it can get confusing trying to figure out where you’re going to go but seeing everyone here and all the support is very exciting. My sister is at UT-Martin and she will be graduating at UT-Martin this upcoming year and I’ve been at a few of their clinics and I’ve been around the team and they’re all just so fun and great. It’s a very encouraging atmosphere.”

Logan Scoggins was the final signee of the day and he signed to continue his golf career at Bethel which is a popular landing spot for many several Cougars including Isaac Holley and Trey Register.

“I’m excited to have it done and know exactly what I plan on doing,” Scoggins said. “I wasn’t really sure what my future in golf would look like. Covid kind of messed with everything but now I know I’m playing four more years of golf. I’m going with two previous teammates already that are up there and that was a big part of why I wanted to go. My sister is already there and it’s far enough away from home without being too far.”

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