In the past few months, the world went through some drastic changes – social distancing, quarantine and working from home have become the norm for a large part of the population.

One large part of that population is children, ranging from young to old, elementary to high school.

A lot of children have used the time in different ways, whether that was studying textbooks, playing video games or catching up on some much-needed sleep. The children who play for Tennessee Fever, a local AAU basketball club, have kept up with their training during the difficult time.

Eugene Cathey, a coach and respected figure in the Tennessee Fever community, was more than happy to give a little insight to the hard work his children have put in during quarantine.

 “We started sending training videos out a few times a week to our kids during the safer at home order so they could work on staying in shape and keeping their skills sharpened,” Cathey said. “Once the safer at home order was lifted on May 1, we started doing individual training sessions with our kids in a controlled environment with us following social distancing guidelines.”

As a coach, being away from athletes can give a sense of withdrawals. Coaches get so used to the same routine every day involving their athletes and their sport. Finally, getting back into the grind, as the athletes call it, is an exciting feeling for both the athlete and the coach.

 “We are very excited to get back to working out with our kids and developing their skills and being able to develop those coach-player relationships, especially with the new kids in our program,” Cathey said. “Being away from them and not being able to develop the relationships with them has been tough. Now, we can physically see if they have been participating in the videos and can now tell what type of work they need to and can really hone in on the particular skills they need.”

The world seems to be getting back to at least a small sense of normalcy. There are finally live sports on television again, albeit just NASCAR and corn hole, but live sports nonetheless. Cathey and his Tennessee Fever group are ready to get back to normal, as well, and they’re ready to put this all behind them and get back out on the court.

 “We are beyond ready to be able to get our kids together as teams and have practices, but we realize that this is a challenging time for our nation, state and local communities, and the health and safety of our players, coaches and families come first,” Cathey said. “We will continue to follow all guidelines that the governor puts forth, and we hope that the time comes soon that we can go back to normal or at least know what our new normal may look like.”

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