Coffee with Cop

Dickson Police Capt. David Cole makes monthly visits to the Dickson Senior Center for the Coffee with a Cop program.

David Cole has been a member of the Dickson Police Department for the last 26 years and served in the Navy.

And it seems like he enjoys coffee as well.

Cole, 54, is a frequent visitor to the Dickson Senior Center to host the Coffee With A Cop program. Center Director Joan Rial said that the members look forward to his monthly visits.

“David Cole is an asset, not only to the police department but to the great community he serves,” said Rial. “It is imperative that we take care of the seniors of our community. Keeping them up to date on the different trends, their safety, and scams is something Captain Cole does, and does well.”

Cole said that Dickson resident Mary Bell suggested that he get involved with the Coffee With A Cop program.

“He’s so human, such a real honest wonderful person,” said Bell. “There’s nothing pretentious or fancy about him. He’s very approachable. I’m sure that with those breaking the law, he can be very serious. In his role that he has for the police department he’s absolutely perfect with how he deals with the public. He’s so friendly and warm and relates so well to people. His wife, Margaret, is head of Care Net – the crisis pregnancy center. They are the most admirable couple to me. Coffee with a Cop is perfect for him.”

During his most recent visit to the Center Cole, a 1985 graduate of Dickson County High School, spoke to the members about identity theft and warned about giving personal information to scammers.

“No one will call to ask for money,” he said. “Be cautious. Avoid utility scams. A real red flag is that they ask for your credit card number. Apps on the phone info will make it look like it’s legit. It’s a red flag if they ask for a card. If you get an email from the bank to verify your account, don’t click on the link. Scams are also too good to be true.”

Cole recently was promoted to captain with the Special Services Division, which includes community relations, School Resource Officers, grants, and Animal Control.

“I served in Desert Storm,” he said. “I had a dream to be a police officer. I realized that dream. In law enforcement, it’s hard to believe how much positive there is. I enjoy interaction with people and also enjoy trying to be that mentor or role model for somebody to look up to. There are a lot of people that have had a horrible home life. That’s why it’s all the more important to be a positive role model. Success stories make the job worthwhile.”

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